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Grant-in-Aid for Specially Promoted Research
Elucidation of Adaptive Lubrication Mechanism with Low Friction and Minimum Wear in Natural Synovial Joints and Development of Artificial Hydrogel Cartilage with Super Lubricity Based on BIonic Desigh


Kyushu University

Bionic Design Lab.

Nano and Micro Bio-engineering Lab.

Machine Elements and Desigh Engineering Lab.

Heat and Mass Transfer Lab.

Mechanical Vibration Lab.

Vibration and Acoustics Lab.

Structural Dynamics Lab.

System Control Lab.

Orthopaedic Surgery Division, Department of Clinical Medicine

Oral Rehabilitation Division, Department of Dental Science

Kyushu Institute of Technology

Yokohama National University

Academic Societies

Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers

Japanese Society of Tribologists

The Robotic Society of Japan

The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers

Heat Transfer Society of Japan

The Japanese Orthopaedic Association

Japanese Society forMedical and Biological Engineering

Japanese Society for Clinical Biomechanics

Japanese Society for Biomaterials

The Japanese Society for Replacement Arthroplasty

Japanese Society of Oral Implantology

Japanese Society for Artificial Organs

The Physical Society of Japan

The Materials Research Society of Japan

The Society of Polymer Science, Japan