Lubrication of artificial joint materials

  • Evaluation of friction and wear properties of artificial joint materials by using multi-directional pin-on-disc apparatus and knee joint simulator
  • Development and evaluation of hydrogel artificial cartilage materials

[Knee joint simulator]

[Adsorbed film on artificial joint materials]

Lubrication and mechanical properties of natural synovial joint

  • Elucidation of adaptive multimode lubrication mechanism in natural synovial joints
  • Analysis of biphasic property of natural articular cartilage

[Visualization of compressive behavior
of cartilage tissue]

[Hierarchical structure of cartilage]

Tissue engineering for regenerated cartilage

  • Research on the effect of mechanical stimulation on the formation of highly functional regenerated cartilage tissue
  • Biomechanics for tissues and cells

[Chondrocyte culture with mechanical stimulation]

Robotics for medical and welfare apparatus

  • Development of robotic orthosis for shoulder and trunk support for stroke rehabilitation
  • Development of ultra-lightweight wheelchair

[Rehabilitation supporting device]

Other research topics

  • Triblogy in hydrogen environment
  • Lubrication properties of biodegradable vegetable oils
  • Evaluation and optimum design of dental implants
  • Kinematic analysis of total knee arthroplasty