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 One of aims of our laboratory is the elucidation of reasonability, optimization and adaptive mechanisms for the structure and function in biological systems from viewpoint of bionic design. Another one is its application to the biomedical treatment, the development of biomedical devices, the improvement of regenerated biological tissues, human care robotics and life support technologies.

 As innovative life technologies on human musculoskeletal systems, we elucidate the adaptive multimode lubrication mechanism in natural synovial joints and develop its application to bionic design of artificial cartilage and joint prostheses. On development of biomedical devices, we focus on the evaluation and optimum design of joint prostheses, artificial cartilage and dental implants. As parallel subjects, we conduct the researches on biomechanics of natural and regenerated cartilage tissues with cell biomechanics. Related studies are the development of human care and medical robotics and life support technologies.

 Researches on green technologies on biodegradable vegetable oils as superior lubricants and hydrogen tribology as a key technology for hydrogen-related energy systems on fuel cell have been carried out.



The research project titled as "Elucidation of adaptive lubrication mechanism with low friction and minimum wear in natural synovial joints and developement of artificial hydrogel cartilage with super lubricity based on bionic design" has been started as Grant-in-Aid for specially promoted research.
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